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Welcome to the official web page of ČSLA Studio.
We are the creators of successful modifications ČSLA and ČSLA 2 created for game Operation Flashpoint, ArmA:Armed Assault and Arma 2:Combined Operations.

ČSLA Studio


New Year's News

01.01.2016   19:08 CET
All the best in the New Year 2016 from the CSLA Studio team ... and here are some good news regarding to our current status of modification for Arma 3.

As you have probably noticed, into our Facebook galleries were added several new in-game screenshots with the content on which we are currently working on.

Among others, we would like to point on a few news:

  • separated ponds and reservoirs on the new map Homeland (based on the real terrain in former Czechoslovakia)
  • the possibility of shooting from helicopters, cargo positions, apcs (also with opening of hoods for crew), cars, trucks and other vehicles
  • brand new buildings/houses on the new map contains few hidden positions and locations suitable for preparation of ambushes or sniping
  • we are going back to the US Army along with the currently "in-Mod/ex-AFMC" existing and a brand new vehicles/equipment
  • improved and extended number of various bunkers (mainly used in multiplayer missions)
New Year's News

New Year's News

New Year's News

New Year's News

New Year's News

You can find more Homeland screenshots here and more Arma 3 Modification screenshots here.

Christmas Shield 2015

08.12.2015   22:08 CET
Christmas time is coming again and therefore we are organizing another MP community event called Christmas Shield 2015.
Event is planned for 25.12.2015 from 18:00 until the last man will fall.

Christmas Shield 2015

To see the screenshots from this event click here.

SP campaign '89 fix

05.11.2014   17:39 CET
Very last patch for our Mod under the A2:CO has been released.
This small patch or better say fix, contains updated PBO for our SP campaign '89 which was released in the regular full release v2.26.
In the package you can find also the PDF document which describes in very detailed way, how to go through the all missions in campaign '89.
Anyway, this PDF document can be downloaded also as standalone package here.

Update 2.26.1

Summer meeting '14

24.08.2014   15:33 CET
Friday to Sunday weekend meeting of ČSLA team members in a small border village Vrbovce (Slovakia) was organized in 22.-24.08.2014.
Pleasant family gathering associated with the barbecue and little hiking over the near hills.

ČSLA Studio in Vrbovce(SK)

DVD covers

12.05.2014   19:39 CET
Another bonus stuff which is included in the installer for the last ČSLA Mod for A2:CO are complete Ready-To-Print DVD covers.
You can find them in the core directory @CSLA as zipped archive.

DVD covers

Last A2:CO MP event

09.05.2014   18:59 CET
Last version of ČSLA Mod for A2:CO has been released and therefore we organized also the last ČSLA A2:CO MP senace.
You may see all the screens from this event on our Facebook page.

Last A2:CO MP event

SP campaign '89 flowchart

02.05.2014   20:20 CET
To the package of our last release of Mod for Arma 2:CO we added a bonus stuff - PDF document with SP campaign '89 flowchart.

SP campaign '89 flowchart

So if you have an fancy to embark again the campaign, but with a different story, look into this little bonus.
PDF document is installed in the core directory - @CSLA.

Last release for Arma 2

01.05.2014   20:26 CET
Latest version of CSLA Mod for Arma 2: Combined Operations has been officially released.

ČSLA Mod v2.26

This release closes another chapter of our work.
In this final release, you will find an improved MP COOP mission Protectors in version with CSLA playable slots.
This mission includes several new playable slots available for partisan units FIA - if players will occupy these slots, they can significantly and actively mess up the tasks for "normal" CSLA players.
Info about this version of the MP mission is also linked to another novelty - a completely new characters of FIA guerrillas.
They have a new fatigues (pattern is called MLOK) and they are also available to carry any type of backpacks, which doesn't allow the original game.


21.04.2014   19:50 CET
Something is coming ... countdown has been launched.
We prepared something related to our Mod for Arma 2: Combined Operations.
Something which will extend, modify and improve previously released playable content.
Current time is T-10 days!

Time T-1 day

ČSLA Studio on Twitch

18.01.2014   21:23 CET
CSLA Studio has set up own Twitch channel where you will be can see streaming from testing of addons, missions, or gameplay from our MP sessions with community.
So don't hesitate to click on the "Follow" button on our channel: www.twitch.tv/cslastudio.
We will inform about the upcoming streaming in advance, but its not excluded that you can see us on our channel also outside of these "official" events.

CSLA Studio channel on Twitch

MP event "Three kings" 2014

05.01.2014   16:07 CET
After the New year's eve we organized yet another MP community seance.
Also from this event you may see all the screens in dedicated album on our Facebook page.

Three Kings 2014

Christmas Shield 2013

25.12.2013   17:01 CET
After the Christmas eve we had organized another MP community seance called Christmas Shield 2013.
The call sing for this event was similar to the real army excercise of Warsaw pact armies.
You may see all the screens from this event in dedicated album on our Facebook page.

Christmas Shield 2013

Dnepr wallpaper

17.09.2013   21:39 CET
Brand new wallpaper with our newest and largest addon - fictious soviet submarine class Oscar II has been released.
This submarine has marking K-349 "Dnepr" and was created by our 3D/2D graphics "Master" Yano.
Wallpaper is free to use and its size is 1920x1080.
You can download it by clicking on the image with RMB (Save As...).

Attack in harbor

Campaign release

13.09.2013   17:01 CET
After the more than a one year of development, our huge project has been released.
Along with a campaign we released completely updated Mod with new models and features.
This release has marking v2.25 and you may find the link in the download section.

ČSLA Mod v2.25

Summer meeting '13

11.08.2013   11:09 CET
Short weekend meeting of ČSLA team members was organized in 10.-11.08.2013 as Faly came into Slovakia.
One of the checkpoints was also in KVH Piešťany were we meet with our military advisor SOVA.

ČSLA Team in KVH Piešťany

ČSLA Team is ready for Arma 3

ČSLA vs. community

16.05.2013   19:19 CET
Another unique battle was organized by the ČSLA Studio!

MP Protectors Lite - ČSLA vs. community

The latest multiplayer session between the community and us was organized on our local server with the selected community members.
And the result? ... no worry ... we WON again!

Watch the full in-game video here.

ČSLA webcasts

25.04.2013   21:51 CET
To inform the community about all possible features on addons available in our Mod, we started the recording of a series of webcasts.
This series will cover all the addons for all factions - ČSLA, AFMC and FIA.

Follow our channel on
ČSLA YouTube channel

Here are some direct links:
Webcast 1 (Vydra, SKOT, BRDM-2)
Webcast 2 (DANA, GRAD, mortar)
Webcast 3 (boat, Su-25, L-39)
Webcast 4 (riflemen and their weapons)

Christmas release

24.12.2012   12:59 CET
It's pleasure for us to inform the community about this new release.
Version 2.20 has been released as a complete package of all previously released versions and their updates.
And of course, this release contains a lot of new improvements addons, missions and other features.
Enjoy it!

Christmas release

Support ČSLA via PayPal

19.10.2012   08:29 CET
From now, you can support your favourite MOD.
We created the PayPal account where all our fans can support us with variable amount of money.
These resources will be used for all required actions relevant to the ČSLA and their opponents and also for the promotional merchandise program.

Donate us!


20.07.2012   08:45 CET
Join us on the world largest database of MODs - MOD DB.
There is also possibility to track the popularity of your MOD. What's the status, you can see the actual rank on the updated linked button.


10th Anniversary of ČSLA

06.01.2012   22:31 CET
It's unbelievable, but it’s true.
We, the members of the ČSLA studio, are pursued for more than 10 years in creation, development and improvement of everything related to the Czechoslovak People's Army.

10th anniversay of ČSLA

Our and of course yours MOD passed through these 10 years with huge modification.
It all began in Operation Flashpoint with simple retex of original models, when this MOD became as the first community modification.
His journey was continued with the expansion datadisc Resistance, then we passed with him throug all childhood illnessesin in ArmA:Armed Assault, and we prepared everything for the transfer to the Arma 2.
Now we finally celebrating today’s anniversary after 10 years in Arma 2:Combined Operations.

ČSLA in 10 years

... and of course, we prepared also new version of the MOD - v2.10.
Go to the download section and select one of the assigned mirrors.

ČSLA for Arma 2:Combined Operations

01.02.2011   23:58 CET
Brand new version 2.00 for the Arma 2 has been released.
Go to the download section and select one of the assigned mirrors.

ČSLA v2.00 wallpaper

ČSLA printings

31.03.2010   10:29 CET
Here are some printings for your favourite MOD.
Download them as zipped archive which contains two localized covers and one unified disc printing.

ČSLA3 CD cover


24.01.2010   14:55 CET
Last Patch 1.04 for Phase 1 has been released.
Discover the new woodland RACS units or compare the new Lizard AA weapon with the american Vulcans.

We bring new wings!

10.08.2009   23:59 CET
New patch with marking v1.03 has been released.
Take cover soldier! Fulcrums and Hinds are searching their targets!

ČSLA goes high ... up to the sky!

03.07.2009   15:03 CET
For new incoming patch v1.03 are now prepared choppers Mil Mi-24 Hind in three variants and two variants of powerful MiG-29A Fulcrum.
See more in our gallery.

New version of Mod has been released!

30.05.2009   02:12 CET
Patched version v1.02 has been released as a new standalone Mod.
Find out new units, new SP and MP missions, new features and some tweaks...

ČSLA Studio vs. community

28.05.2009   10:01 CET
Clean up your combat uniform, fill all magazines with ammo and connect to EPJ.CZ ArmA server for unique battle!
D-Day is assigned to 31.5.2009 from 16:00 CET.
We've been waiting for you!
For more info read here.

EPJ ČSLA Seance        ČSLA Wins!

ČSLA3 in LEVEL mag

07.05.2009   09:11 CET
If you have purchased LEVEL mag no. 178 you have now a full game ArmA: Armed Assault which was attached on DVD together with ČSLA3 MOD and with some other MODs...

Patch out now!

23.12.2008   23:59 CET
Wounded during fights in Warfare? No worry soldier!
Download latest released patch and use new feature - bandages. These are available for both sides together with few improvements...

Phase 1 released!

13.12.2008   22:01 CET
Your patience has paid off soldier! The first part of the Mod is released, and so you can fight together with our comrades across the Sahrani. Have fun in the number of single player, Evo or Warfare missions...


ČSLA in Arma 2:Combined Operations


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... for more pictures click on the NEXT

Work in progress


... for more pictures click on the NEXT


Here you can find the download links for all relased Mods.
Select the mod according to your game and download the safe *.exe installer.
During the installation follow the instructions.
After downloading and installing don't forget to carefully read the attached ReadMe file.
In the case of any problems don't hesitate to contact us via all communicating channels.

Arma2:Combined Operations (Arma2 + Arma2:Operation Arrowhead)

You need to have installed both games - Arma2 and Arma2:OA to launch the MOD
Some missions required installed DLC AČR

Installing and patching procedure:
a) Download and install core package v2.26 (this is complete Mod)
b) Then download and install SP campaign fix v2.26.1

ČSLA - v2.26   (*.exe, 1281 MB)
ČSLA - SP campaign fix v2.26.1   (*.zip, 260 MB)
DVD cover   (*.zip, 5 MB)
SP campaign '89 walkthrough (SK)   (*.zip, 1 MB)

ArmA:Armed Assault

Some missions required installed datadisc Queens Gambit

Installing and patching procedure:
a) Download and install core package v1.02 of Phase 1 (this is complete Mod)
b) Then download and install patch v1.03
c) For the latest version download and install patch v1.04

ČSLA - v1.02   (*.exe, 307 MB)
ČSLA - patch v1.02 to v1.03   (*.exe, 78 MB)
ČSLA - patch v1.03 to v1.04   (*.exe, 89 MB)
DVD cover   (*.zip, 6 MB)

ArmA:Cold War Assault

You need to have installed also datadisc Resistance.

ČSLA - v2.20   (*.exe, 444 MB)

The team

Core team:

MAA, Faly, EMSI, Yano.t11, TheSun
Hurby, Luki, Martinius


Jirkus, Pochyst, Mato
Edge, bxbx, Str, Jennik, Gugla, Armored Sheep, Sleeper, Tomcat, Maruk
FriZY, GMS, Shadow NX, Soul Assassin, T.S.C.Plage, AKM, Rygugu, Raedor, Parvus, Adamicz, s8n
W0lle (CWR Mod)
Foxhound (www.armaholic.com)
Tomáš Hanich
KVH ČSLA Piešťany (www.csla.sk)
Pavel Vladyka, Tomáš Daněk
KVH ČSLA Kolín - Pardubice (www.csla.cz)
Miro Horník (documentation for R-129)

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International fansite covering the Arma series - Armaholic.com

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