2 Year Old Child Development Stage, Not Just More Active!

Most parents think that the age of 2 years is the peak period of "bad boy". How not, at this age children will say "no" more and easily refuse things they don't want. But don't worry, this is a 2-year-old child's developmental stage which is quite normal, really!


Stages of development of children 2 years


As children get older, their height and weight also increase. Usually, a 2 year old child grows on average about 38 cm in height from the length at birth.

The child's weight also increased, but not as significantly as when the child was 1 year old, which increased by approximately 1.5-2.5 kg.

Motor skills

The developmental stage of a 2-year-old child will be more active and unable to stay still. At this age, children have begun to be able to:

  • Tiptoe
  • Kicking the ball
  • Run
  • Climbing without help
  • Up and down stairs while holding
  • Up and down slide
  • Throwing the ball with the hands over the head
  • Carry lots of toys while walking

This shows that children's motor skills are developing rapidly. Children can already run, learn to walk backwards, turn, or even stand on one leg alone.

Yes, 2 year olds are having fun exploring their motor skills to new things. Therefore, you need to monitor every child's movements extra so that your little one does not fall while playing.

Children's cognitive development

Not only motor skills, the stage of child development in terms of cognitive is also growing rapidly. At the age of 2 years, children can:

  • Doodle at will
  • Turning the container over and pouring the contents
  • Arrange blocks into towers or toy cars
  • Recognizing shapes, colors and numbers
  • Follow 2 instructions at once, for example "drink milk and when you've given the glass to Mom"
A 2 year old child is able to coordinate the movements of his wrists, fingers and palms so he can open doors or turn lids on jars. The same goes for learning to hold a crayon or pencil, although the grip of his hand still feels strange to him.

This may not be much different from the cognitive abilities of 1 year old children. However, children's ability to scribble or draw is much better than before.

The success or failure of a 2-year-old child's developmental stage can also be influenced by educational programs, both on television and on the internet. As a parent, you need to keep an eye on your child's viewing so that your little one is not addicted to staring at a smartphone screen.

Limit watching television or cellphone screens to a maximum of 1 hour every day. Do not allow children to watch alone without supervision.

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Communication skills

The child has a lot of vocabulary in his head and is able to pronounce it quite well. Even though they are only 2 years old, children can already pronounce their names, parents, body parts, and objects around them more fluently.

The child is also able to pronounce sentences consisting of 2-4 words quite clearly, for example "Mom, I want to drink milk" instead of just saying "drink milk". In fact, your little one is also able to repeat the sentences you say in front of him.

Don't worry if your child isn't able to pronounce as complete a sentence as other children, especially if your child is a boy. Because usually, boys tend to be slower to talk than girls.

Socialization ability

Children like to follow the behavior of the people around them, both parents and children who are older than them. Interestingly, children aged 2 years usually tend to be indifferent and do not want to share with other children.

For example, children are very interested in mingling with friends their age, but not in terms of inviting them to play. Children will be busy with their own toys, unless other children take their toys.

Well, this is where it is important for you to provide understanding for your little one. Invite him to share toys and reveal that playing together is actually more fun and enjoyable.

How to optimize the growth and development of children aged 2 years

Although the developmental stage of a 2-year-old child is almost entirely on your little one, this doesn't mean you can let go without teaching other new things.

Cognitive, motoric, socialization, and other abilities still need to be trained so that children's growth and development are maximized. Well, here are various ways you can do to optimize the developmental stage of a 2-year-old child, namely:

  • Involve your child in doing household chores, such as sweeping, picking up a spoon, or preparing food. Don't forget to congratulate and reward him if he succeeds in doing it.
  • Give lots of toys when your little one plays with friends his age. See his reaction, whether your child will share or even fight over toys. If there is a fight over toys, provide a good understanding so that children can learn to share or share toys with their friends.
  • Invite children to play hide and seek, but using toys. Let him find the hidden toys.
  • Help your little one complete a color, shape, or animal picture puzzle.
  • Invite the children to arrange blocks and build tall towers. After that, destroy it and start over. This method will train children to solve problems.
  • Help your child speak quickly by reading him a book every day. Ask your child to name body parts, animal names, or objects in the picture you point to. Do it in a fun way, for example while singing or playing.
  • Invite the children to play ball together. Practice his motor skills so he can kick the ball back at you.

Whatever activity you do with your child, remember to always keep an eye on your little one's movements.

Go to the pediatrician immediately if ...

Take your child to the doctor if the child has delays in several things, such as:

  • Easy to fall when walking.
  • Can't do things with common objects, such as toothbrush, phone, spoon, or fork.
  • Unable to say two words.
  • Cannot imitate the actions or words of others.
  • Difficult to follow simple instructions.
  • Losing the ability he could before.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children also need to be screened for growth and development and autism at 18-24 months of age. Consult a doctor if your child has signs of a developmental disorder as above.
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