5 Tips for Creating a Comfortable Study Room for Children

Although the government has allowed face-to-face schools, some of them are still conducted online.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, learning is done at home. According to experts, the distance learning system has an impact on children's mental health.

A comfortable study room is believed to affect the child's learning process. So, the solution to make children feel at home in learning is a comfortable space.


The following are tips for making the study room comfortable so that children do not get bored during the learning period, quoted from The Spruce.

1. Store learning tools in an easily accessible place

Help your kids to prepare everything they need for school, from books, stationery, calculators, rulers, to pencil sharpeners.

Place these tools on a table or an easily accessible area so that the child does not have to leave his chair to pick up the tools.

If your children are starting to learn to count, you can help set up a table that is taped to the wall to make it easier for them to learn.

2. Strategic location

Some children still need your help to complete assignments, or to be accompanied while studying.

So, the study area should be close to you. For example, when you are in the kitchen, while the study room is on the second floor, you will find it difficult to go up and down.

When creating a child's study room, consider things like your child's needs, personality, age, and learning level.

3. Proper lighting

quality of lighting in a study is an important element. Choose a study room near the window to get maximum light.

If not possible, you can add lights on the study table and some areas that are considered dark.

4. Flexible table

Create a flexible study desk. For example, Monday-Friday can be used to study, and Saturday-Sunday to play.

Currently, there are many interesting study table designs that are tailored to the needs of children. Choose a comfortable table so that your child doesn't feel sore while studying.

5. Unique design

One of the best tips for designing a children's study table is uniqueness. Children love something interesting.

When designing, make sure you include some preferences, such as a favourite colour, image, or character.
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