7 Bad Effects of Pornography Addiction

Danger! Using pornography is not about right or wrong. Talking about addiction to pornography means talking about the impact on users and what are they?

The use of pornography has serious and negative side effects. You must know this!

The bad effects of pornography can be felt socially and on health for people who are already addicted to pornography. Addiction here in the sense of just watching it or even interacting with other people, maybe chat or video call that smells like pornography.


The bad effects of porn addiction

1. Creates an emotional bond with the artificial world

Everyone has a critical need for human intimacy and emotional connection with others.

When someone views pornography, they end up creating an intimate bond with their fake or self-made world and can actually lose the ability to bond with real people.

2. Sex without intimacy

Pornography is something about sex that is used for the wrong reasons. So that pornography can be called sex without emotional closeness, the underlying needs and thirst remain unsatisfied.

Viewers begin to wonder what is wrong with their relationship and become irritated or depressed. They end up feeling emotionally empty and disconnected from those around them.

3. Unsatisfactory

While pornography use can feel "high" in the short term, it ultimately results in feelings of emptiness, low self-esteem and deep loneliness.

They end up creating emotional distance in the relationship. Since the world of pornography is imitation and cannot satisfy the need for emotional intimacy, this basic need remains unmet, creating an appetite for more and more pornographic acts of even greater intensity and duration.

Maybe what you watched was only 15 minutes, in a long time it could be 30 minutes or even more and maybe it's not enough if you only do it once a day.

4. Trigger addiction in the brain

Studies show that actual brain function changes in someone with an addiction - and the changes are the same in all addictions: alcohol, drugs, or pornography.

Since the use of pornography can become a true addiction, viewers cannot stop their own will power. A porn addict needs to be involved in the same difficult recovery process that a drug addict must go through.

5. Imitate what you see in the real world

With pornography, you use sex as a substitute when looking for intimacy and love. Sex is no longer the source of a beautiful relationship between yourself and your partner you love.

Over time what you usually see, will be imitated in the real world. The danger is when there is no partner to vent. You can do things out of the ordinary. Worst of all, it can lead to infidelity.

6. Always feel "wanted"

Because pornography is an addictive substance and can create lust for yourself. This craving increases over time as you spend more and more time viewing pornography.

Time spent viewing pornography can harm work, relationships, and interest in a healthy diet.

Finally you do not succeed in having a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships.

It is also possible that you always want more and more to raise the level when you have sex with your partner. You become fond of following the sex fantasies that are in your mind according to what you have seen.

This is the bad influence of pornography that has been embedded in your brain. He controls you!

7. Separation in the household

In the long run, pornography does not rule out creating a breakup. You may find it difficult to fill the void left by the experience of having sex between you and your partner, feeling unsatisfied, feeling inescapable.

This will create a shaky relationship or a failed marriage because you feel your real life is unsatisfactory.

You have emotional problems and eventually find it difficult to organize your own feelings and thoughts. Those are 7 bad effects of pornography addiction. This is very dangerous and detrimental. Should not start if you do not want to have problems with love and social life.
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