8 Signs of Stress You Often Don't Realize

Dense activities often make you unaware if your mental health condition is being disturbed. Yes, many people are not aware that they are experiencing conditions that are classified as signs of stress . Then, what are the conditions that are not realized as a sign of stress? Check out the following explanation.


Various causes that can be a sign of stress

Here are some conditions that are often not realized:

1. Feeling too emotional

In your free time, you may often carry many burdens of thoughts and problems that you may not be able to share with others. Over time, the burden of the thought descends on your feelings and makes you emotional.

However, you often think of it as a normal thing to happen. At that time, you only thought that you were in a fragile state, so feeling emotional was normal.

In fact, this can be a sign of stress that you don't realize. If you let it drag on, it can be the forerunner of prolonged mental and emotional disorders .

2. Busier than usual

Usually, being busier is not only because you are busy, but because you want to take your mind off the problems that are happening. For example family problems, problems with partners, and others.

This means, when you suddenly want to be busier, even though there is nothing important to do, it is a sign of stress and busyness is your attempt to avoid it.

This may be a temporary shortcut to prevent your stress from being experienced. However, being too busy can actually bring stress and emotional disturbances.

Therefore, instead of looking for a lot of busyness to 'run' from stress, it is better to face and solve the problems that make you stressed.

3. Sensitive or more irritable

Another sign of stress is that you become more irritable . You may not realize it, but it's the little things that bother you that you can usually understand, now can trigger anger so easily.

In fact, you are also more likely to vent your anger on those closest to you. This clearly illustrates that you are stressed and disturbed emotional stability.

You need to be careful if you have shown symptoms of stress on this one. The reason is, you might actually hurt other people's feelings just to vent anger that has nothing to do with that person.

Controlling yourself in a situation like this is indeed a challenge that is quite difficult. However, that does not mean that other people share the anger.

4. Mood swings

Mood swing is a condition when happiness, sadness, and anger feel so close. These three things happen alternately and suddenly for no apparent reason.

If this is the case, there may be something wrong with your mental health condition. That is, mood swings can be a sign of stress that you don't realize.

The solution that you can try to deal with conditions that occur due to stress is to talk about the causes of stress . Try to share and share your feelings with someone who can give you a different perspective on life.

It would be better if the person you feel can have a solution to the problem you are facing at that time. Sometimes, by talking to other people, you become aware of what is going on with yourself.

5. Loss of direction and purpose in life

Living with a clear direction and purpose can have a good impact on you. In fact, you can be more confident going through the day.

However, stress can sometimes make you feel lost and lost. Signs of stress like this of course you should watch out for before it gets worse.

When you feel the direction and purpose of life is lost, so is the joy of living life. For example, when you fail to achieve something that has been fueling your enthusiasm for the day, it could be that that enthusiasm disappears along with the failure.

Yes, this condition can occur due to stress and if you don't deal with it immediately, it can lead to prolonged emotional disturbances.

6. Always want to be in control

Another sign or symptom of stress that often occurs is an obsession with controlling everything, including things that are not in your control.

This tendency is very common. In essence, you are trying your best to turn things into what you want them to be.

To overcome these symptoms, you should try to accept reality and focus on the things within yourself.

7. Choose risky things

Not a few of you may choose to do risky things as a way to escape stress. For example, drinking alcohol excessively , gambling, having sex with people who are not supposed to be, and much more.

According to the Cleveland Clinic , these risky behaviors can be a sign of stress that you're not even aware of. These symptoms can certainly be detrimental, especially if you make no effort to stop them.

In fact, it could be that this condition over time becomes a habit that you can no longer stop. Therefore, before the condition gets worse, immediately deal with stress and avoid these risky things.

8. Self-isolation

Another sign of stress that you also need to watch out for is avoiding other people, even those closest to you, and choosing to isolate yourself. This means, you choose to isolate yourself and do not want to meet other people.

You may think that this method can help deal with stress . In fact, this has the potential to make you more stressed. How could that be?

The reason is, at that time, you actually live with negative thoughts that tend to appear when you are stressed. Therefore, if you see someone else or someone close to you decides to be alone, immediately accompany him and don't let him be alone for too long.
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