9 Tips On Intimate Relations For Married Couples

Couples who have been married for a long time, making activities in bed remain passionate is a difficult thing. In fact, the spirit to achieve satisfaction in bed becomes a difficult thing to achieve. Therefore, it takes tips to have sex from experts, so that passion does not die.

Often, husband and wife choose not to have sex for a long time, because there is no desire to do so. In fact, regular sex is important in a marital relationship, it is also related to a healthy parenting method.


Tips for having sex from a psychologist

Amber Madison, a sexologist from Manhattan, New York, United States, shares tips on having sex. So that long-married couples still have warmth and passion in bed.

1. Taking initiative

After being married for a long time, husband and wife must already know the ins and outs of each other's personalities. What to like and what not to like. This often makes them lazy to impress their partner, because they assume that their partner already knows what he wants.

Try to take the initiative, wear sexy clothes to make your husband interested. Or be romantic so that the wife blushes. This way, the way for foreplay will open and your newlywed passion will return. Doing things that your partner likes will never be boring, if it makes your relationship in bed more satisfying, why stop doing it?

2. Variations

Sexual routines, if done without variations, will certainly feel monotonous and boring. Try to make variations in intercourse, whether it's in terms of position or time and place you do it.

It is intended to ward off boredom that exists. An example of what you can do is, if you usually make love at night when you are equally tired after a day's activities, try doing it in the morning, when your body is still fresh and full of energy. Of course it will increase the spirit also in living the day.

In addition, changing sex positions can be an effective boredom buster. If so far you have only had relationships with missionary positions, try other positions such as woman on top, spooning or other positions.

Place can also affect the arousal stimulus you feel. Tired of doing it in the bedroom, try doing it in the bathroom in a sitting or standing position. There's no need to be ashamed or feel unworthy, if it's legal to be husband and wife, what are halal things to do right? 

3. Reconnecting emotions 

Passion and lust are closely related to a person's psychological condition. If a husband and wife are no longer connected emotionally, it will be difficult to build a passion for physical intercourse. 

If you feel your emotional connection is starting to loosen, try to glue it back together. Do romantic things, which make you remember the early days of marriage when the newlyweds were still passionate.

Do fun things together, because marriage is not only physically uniting, but your soul and heart must unite so that intimate relationships are more satisfying for each other. 

Tips for sex from Psychotherapist

Tisa Tessina Ph. D, a licensed psychotherapist also provides tips on sex, for couples who have been married for a long time so they don't lose the spark of intimacy and still feel the same passion as newlyweds. Here's how to have sex for couples who have been married for a long time, as suggested by Tisa Tessina.

1. Quickie

This term is used for a sexual activity that is fast, without foreplay and carried out in a short time. For example, visiting your wife at lunch time for a quickie and then returning to the office. Or giving your husband oral sex before he leaves for work can also be an option.

Doing a quickie can stimulate adrenaline, so that you think about your partner all day, and can't wait to meet again for real sex without being rushed. 

2. Secret Sex

Having sex in secret, like doing a quickie in your childhood room at an invitation to dinner at your in-laws' house. Or if you dare, have sex on the couch when no one is home.

The feeling of being afraid of being caught will add to the 'heat' of your passion which makes orgasms come more intense. Dare to try it?

3. Romantic Sex

Once in a while, doing something romantic can also stimulate a long pent-up passion. Dinner by candlelight, heart to heart chat, then proceed to sexual intercourse which is carried out slowly and tenderly.

Do this on special occasions such as Valentine's Day, wedding anniversaries, or whenever you feel the need to increase the level of closeness in a husband and wife relationship. 

4. Newlywed Sex

Relive the events when you were newlyweds, can be an effective way to build emotional closeness, as well as the desire for physical contact.
Repeat what you did that day. If possible, there's nothing wrong with wearing a wedding dress again to remind you of the memory of the first time you felt heaven on earth. 

5. Sex after a fight

After a big fight, intercourse can be a sweet, and more memorable, way of making up. 

6. Sex for consolation

If one of you feels sad or stressed, then your partner must be sensitive to comfort him.

Do the favorite thing he likes, distract him from the problem with a satisfying sexual relationship. So that he can feel relaxed afterwards, and can come back to think clearly to find solutions to problems. 

7. Relaxing Sex

In contrast to the quickie, this way of having sex is done casually and not in a hurry. For example, on holidays, you can have sex as long as possible, without pressure, without being pressed for time, or demands. 

If the child becomes a barrier, leave him at the in-laws' house for just a day. So that you can enjoy alone time alone, replay the memory of when it was just the two of you at home, and can have sex anytime anywhere.

8. Sex that gives confidence

For couples who feel insecure, the attention and affection that is poured out during intercourse can rebuild their confidence. It can also be used as a method to reaffirm your commitment and love for each other. Usually, this is accompanied by loving words, which express how precious you are to each other.

9. Fantasy sex

Having sex with a theme can be fun, role-playing in a way that makes you both turn on each other can be a try. For example, playing the role of a nurse and doctor, or a lawyer and secretary. Or do a play like in your favorite movie. 

Anything can be tried, don't limit yourself in exploring. If it can make you and your partner happy, why not give it a try?
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