Blocking Productivity, These are 5 Ways to Fight Laziness in Yourself

Everyone may have experienced a time when he suddenly felt lazy and didn't want to do anything even though he had actually made an activity plan. You could say that this feeling of laziness is what then makes your success and all your achievements delayed, because it often comes unnoticed and often makes you fall for yourself.

Therefore, in order not to interfere with productivity, the laziness in you must be fought in the right way, for example, like the five ways in this discussion. Anyway, you can't let it go!


1. Make a list of activities that you have to do every day

So that your productivity does not continue to be disturbed by feeling lazy, try to overcome it in this one way, namely by making a list of activities that you must do every day. Starting from routine activities such as cleaning the house and cooking, working, shopping for daily necessities, to special activities that are very important. Even if you can make it as detailed as possible, this method keeps you from getting carried away if you suddenly feel lazy because you know you have a lot to do.

2. Avoid sofas or beds so that you are not tempted to be lazy

The second way that you should also try to overcome the laziness in you is to avoid the sofa or bed, especially if you work from home. The easiest way is to work in the workspace, just not in the bedroom where the atmosphere makes you too comfortable to have the potential to make you lazy. Even if you need a short break on the sofa, then determine how long you can rest there so you don't feel comfortable and become lazy.

3. Get enough rest, so you don't fall asleep easily!

Third, get enough rest. Laziness usually comes when we are sleepy, so it is very important to pay attention to your rest time and maximize the quality of your sleep. So that when you wake up in the morning and do your activities, your spirit is not lost because you are sleepy. This may seem trivial, but it is often the main reason why we often feel lazy, you know.

4. Remember the big motivation you have every time you feel lazy to attack

The fourth way that you can do to fight laziness is to often remember the big motivation that you have every time you feel lazy to attack. For example, such as the big ambition you have to achieve success, or other types of motivation that can defeat your laziness and keep you motivated. Indeed, this method requires practice and comes from the power of your own mind, but there's nothing wrong with trying, right.

5. Apply strict rules to yourself

If the four methods did not work, then try this last method. Make strict rules for yourself, like you apply the rule that you can only take a short break and relax if you have finished a job first.

Then it should not be long to delay other things that must be done next. That way you don't get carried away by feeling lazy and can still be productive every day.

Feeling lazy is natural and everyone must have felt it, but don't let yourself be controlled by that lazy feeling. Fight with these five ways so that your productivity is not disturbed, because you yourself will lose later.
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