Let's Find Out Procedures for International Flight Transit, Check It Out Here!

When traveling abroad that has a fairly long distance, sometimes you are required to transit at a certain place. Airplane transit is something that is often done when the destination you want to go to does not have a direct route from where you are. Therefore, this time we will review the procedures for international flight transit.

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1. Different Airline

If you are traveling that requires different airlines and transit, then you also need extra speed. This is because when you transit with a different airline, you need to collect your baggage first and check in when you are going to transit to a different airline. However, this will not make you confused if you already know the right procedure.

The first is that you need to know in advance the time you have when it comes to changing airlines. If the time is close enough, then try not to be too lazy. When the distance between transits is close enough, make sure you move quickly after getting off the plane. 

Starting from picking up luggage and getting ready to change planes. In this international flight transit procedure, you can prepare the necessary documents in advance. Call it like plane tickets, identity cards to visas and passports. This will make it easier for you in the flight process later. When you get off the first plane, you can also find out the transit process for the next plane. That way, this step will minimize so that you don't miss your flight later.

Next, you can check this luggage for the next flight. After the process is complete, then you can wait according to the gate on your boarding pass. Arriving at the gate, you can wait until the notification about the call to board the plane.

2. Single Airline transit

The procedure for the next international flight transit is that it is still one airline. For this type of transit, there are three categories, including without the need to get off the plane. There are also those who get off the plane but still use the same plane, so later you will be told to wait in the waiting room for a while. As for the third type, it is a one-airline transit but requires getting off and changing planes. 

In this case, you may also be required to report to the transit officer, so that later you will be given a new boarding pass and wait at the new gate to change planes and continue your journey. If you make a transit flight using the same airline, later you will need two tickets. The two tickets can serve as one for the initial destination to the transit destination. 

While the second ticket is useful for traveling from the transit point to the destination. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the procedures for transiting international flights. Especially when the plane will be preparing to land at the transit airport. Make sure the announcement requires you to change planes or not. So that later you are not mistaken and wrong in transit.

Those are some things you need to pay attention to when traveling using international transit flights. Pay attention to the information submitted to avoid mistakes when you transit in another country. In addition, you also need to prepare travel documents for a smoother trip.
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