Love Yourself First, Then Others

To be loved by others, especially to someone special, is certainly happy, but how does it feel to be loved by yourself? He (the person who loves us) can leave at any time, whether for a reason or fate, leaving us alone feeling lonely and lost, it will be very different, especially if he is the direction of a step.

To love and to be loved is a verb, meaning we give (to others) and are given (to others), depending on someone, what happens if that person leaves? Of course no one expected that, in fact how many people did we meet and how many didn't leave? We know the answer.

Loving another person always poses a risk, especially if he is a bad person. However, are we deterred? No, even though we have said no, the feelings in our hearts are addictive. It's just that the opiate depends on an object that can change, we can't control, outside of ourselves. The love cannot be changed, because love is love, but we can change the object (prioritize).

We have hearts, minds, bodies that need attention, not just other people. If all this time our attention has been focused on other people, try now to slowly shift (prioritize) ourselves. Our goal is to love because of feelings, but if we force ourselves too much without caring about ourselves, it is tantamount to torture, because we prioritize others even though we also need attention (love) from us.

When we desperately chase love from someone, but he doesn't respond, what happens is heartache to the point of despair. It will be a different story if the priority is yourself, we will tend to be careful. Asking the heart whether that someone makes us comfortable? Thinking is he good for us? And we are also more prepared in the relationship because it has been considered before.

Prioritize love to ourselves first, then we will automatically look for the best for ourselves. To be able to love ourselves, of course, we must know ourselves first, there is nothing wrong with learning to recognize ourselves, it is actually very good because it will be easier to choose/determine the best.

I end with a quote: “ Know yourself before you learn to know others, love yourself before you love someone. ”
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