5 Signs You're Stuck In An Unhealthy Relationship

Your love story is having problems? Don't worry, everyone will experience it. However, if some things happen that cause your relationship cycle to be unhealthy and you should be wary.

At first you may deny that the relationship you are in is not healthy. So, first understand what the signs of an unhealthy relationship are.


Signs of an unhealthy relationship

Being trapped in an unhappy relationship certainly makes life full of anxiety and stress. It can even affect your level of self-confidence and can have an impact on your psychological health. Therefore, to avoid this, let's look again at what are the characteristics of an unhealthy relationship.

1. Feeling unable to do anything

During your relationship with your partner, you feel that whatever you do is never enough in the eyes of your partner. This can actually lead to feelings that you can't do anything right and your self-confidence is diminishing.

For example, you turn into a person who is too vigilant, paying too much attention to your own movements, whether this is correct or not. If you make the slightest mistake, your partner will immediately criticize and blame you.

2. Not being yourself

Well, continuing from the point above, because it is always wrong, you feel you have to change yourself into someone else. For example, you can never express your personal opinion or even laugh less when you are around your partner.

You are constantly trying to be the version your partner wants you to be. Even though it is aimed at changing the person you are for the better, think again, is this really what you want from yourself?

3. Emotion drained

Day by day your emotions start to become unstable and you often feel tired because of too many thoughts. This is because psychologically you feel pressured by yourself which must be changed for the sake of your partner. Well, to find out if this relationship really drains your emotions and energy, here are some signs.

Can't stop thinking about partner

  • Often feel tired
  • Can't wait to spend some time alone
  • Feeling your partner is asking too many questions
  • Well, these four things can certainly make you tired and easily stressed. Don't want to be in a relationship that only adds to the burden on your mind?

4. Keeping the good name of the couple

Usually, people who are in unhealthy relationships, their family and friends know about it. Therefore, in order not to get a negative response around your partner, you choose to live in denial.

For example, tell friends and family that your partner will change and treat you well. You choose to live in denial rather than accept that it is not.

Denial can have a negative effect on your emotions. The consequences can be long-lasting and will deepen your wound.

5. Don't trust your partner

The key to a lasting relationship is trust. If you do not trust your own partner, of course it is questionable, is this a relationship worth continuing?

One of the hallmarks of an unhealthy relationship is the lack of trust built into the relationship.

Therefore, it is difficult to survive in a relationship that does not have the slightest trust. This can lead to feelings of worry and constant wondering if something is wrong.

In essence, if you no longer trust your partner, reconsider, is this relationship worth living any longer?

Should this relationship end?

The cycle of unhealthy relationships will eventually end in disappointment. However, if you manage to break free from this entanglement, of course the burden that has been on your shoulders will slowly disappear. Don't deny that you are in an unhealthy relationship.
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