Tips for Children Like Reading

There are so many benefits that we get from reading, books are a storehouse of knowledge. Cultivating reading habits for children is certainly very important, mastering children with a myriad of knowledge from an early age. Here are the tips.


Starting with you

If you want your child to love reading, you must also love to read. If you don't have the habit of reading, this is the right time to start that habit. Plan a time and place for you to read books. After determining your favorite book, then choose a book for your child.

Starting from baby

Very good for newborns to listen to stories. Don't worry, they can't complain about your choice of books. Read any book aloud every day. The content is not important, what matters is the sound, the rhythm of the text, and the words themselves.

Introducing books through words

According to research, speaking directly to babies has a direct impact on language and literacy development. But the key: not through TV and audiobooks but 'turned on' when someone speaks. Enjoy the moment reading stories to your child and trust that you are part of your children's library.

Use your five senses

Through touching the texture of the book, seeing the visuals in the illustrations, and also through your voice, you are also activating your child's five senses from an early age. Make eye contact – but don't need to look for a reaction, because even if they don't appear to be listening they get 'experience'. Habits that are built will last a lifetime.

When reading to toddlers

Toddlers take in all the information: word meanings and language structures, numbers, colors, shapes, animals, opposites, behavior, and all sorts of information about how the world works. When you read aloud, your toddler will associate the book with your familiar, loving voice. When reading together – physical closeness ensues.

Reading during the day

It may be popular to read at night for parents and children but also read throughout the day. Offering children to read books is the best way to keep them calm and focused. Sit back and enjoy your connection sitting together especially when it's still light outside.

Ready to improvise

Pull out one of your favorite children's books or pick up one that steals your eye at the bookstore, library, or at a friend's house. Good writers and illustrators will arouse the enthusiasm of children, but also adult readers. If in children's books we find something racist and not good, change it with your improvisation.

Let the child interrupt

Don't rush to finish the story when your child interrupts, try to listen to their questions. If children are not motivated to listen, ask them – what they see in the pictures, so they are encouraged to tell stories through their actions and the stories they develop.

Open your child's horizons

Choose a book with a variety of topics ranging from geology, history, to the life of different cultures. Even if you don't like these books, they can help your child reflect on the differences outside of him. Children will have no trouble seeing the difference in the real world and can accept it. slc/ts (nyt)
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